foreveralone31 (foreveralone31) wrote in toxic__beauties,

...Boring Stuff...

1. Name--


2. Age--


3. Location--

Buffalo, Ny

4. Grade--

Grade 10

5. Sex--


6. Single/Taken?( Pics if you have them)--

Taken by Matt

7. College you are/planning to attend? Major?--

Boston College for Phsycology 101


Favorites-- (3-5)


The Notebook, A Little Princess, The Crow


Brand New, Underoath, The Used, Sences Fail

TV Shows--

Hmm Gilmore Girls and The OC


Cut, Speak


Strawberries, Soup

Places to shop--





Puppys I mean who dosen't love something small and cuddly!!!

Guilty Pleasures--

o0o Matt lol and strawberries dipped in chocolate

Feature of yourself (physical)--

I really like me eyes!

Feature of the opposite sex (physical)--

Deff! eyes and body!!

Feature of yourself (anything else)--

My personality:*:

Feature of opposite sex (anything else)--

Personality, and How he treats a girl


Everything went preppy.



Give me your opinion on any issue that matters to you today. Know that if you pick one that is tired and overused, you will probably have to have a damn good response in order for people to even read it. This section is to prove that you have a brain... so don't prove me wrong!

Society- Although life is all about change peopel aren't always turning to the right ways to help themself. Now a days teens are becomming so obsessed with looking good and fittign in they are beginning to loose themselves. I think that if todays hott media wasen't so judjemental and more into individual beauties then people won't feel so forced to run to methods such as drugs(ect.).

On the mod:

Well she is very pretty and seems cool but I'll have to get to know her more.

On any other member: * Can be waived until there are a good # of members to choose from*

Same applies here they seem really nice and easy to get along with ...if you don't piss them off.

Rating Communities:

They are fun and something I enjoy doing in spare time to see what people really think of me.



Post at least 3 GOOD pictures of yourself. Body shots are not required, but clothes on your body are. If you are not the only one in the picture, let us know which one you are. We aren't mind readers....

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
me and my x-bf
Image hosted by
My best friend Jess, me:*:, and my good friend Ashley


Promotion: Show me 2 (or more) links of promotion to 1 journal and 1 community (at least, remember promotion shows activity)


Last words:

nope accept thank you for your time:*:

Why should I accept you?----

I am very nice and outgoing. I also like communities so I would have fun with promotions and giving my opninion.

(This has no effect on acceptance) Do you have any suggestions for the mods/members to improve the community?---

I guess more promoting to make it a well known community.

(No effect, as well) If accepted, are you graphically gifted enough to help make banners and layouts?--



You've reached the end! Good Luck!

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I liked you a lot, and you're gorgeous!
You're very pretty and I liked your app :)
you are really pretty and there was nothing about you i didn't like! :)