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okay gals if this doesnt work i quit this whole comp thing :)

...Boring Stuff...

1. Name-- Anna

2. Age-- 18

3. Location-- New Orleans

4. Grade-- 11th

5. Sex-- Female

6. Single/Taken?( Pics if you have them)-- Somewhere in the middle

7. College you are/planning to attend? Major?-- LU, Loyola U. in New Orleans And i plan to be an Int. Bus. Major then go into International Law


Favorites-- (3-5)

Movies-- Center Stage, Legally Blonde, Two weeks Notice

Bands/Artists-- Taking back sunday, Story of the Year, and Josh Gracin

TV Shows-- The OC, One Tree Hill, Will and Grace

Books-- Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby, The Importance of Being Earnest.

Foods-- Pizza, Oriental Chicken Salad (Applebee's) , Wings

Places to shop-- Old Navy, Gap, and Express

Colors-- Blue, Pink, Brown

Animals-- Pandas, Giraffs, and Dogs

Guilty Pleasures-- Chunky Monkey, Driving way too fast, Freddy (he's a guy i'm seeing i guess, i dunno what we are lol)

Feature of yourself (physical)-- Eyes, hair, legs.

Feature of the opposite sex (physical)-- Eyes, smile, hands

Feature of yourself (anything else)-- flexible, loving, forgiving

Feature of opposite sex (anything else)-- loving, understanding, caring

Trend-- mixing brown and pink, camera phones, low lights.



Give me your opinion on any issue that matters to you today. Know that if you pick one that is tired and overused, you will probably have to have a damn good response in order for people to even read it. This section is to prove that you have a brain... so don't prove me wrong!

Breast Cancer: I'm a big activist for the fight against breast cancer. Its a topic that hit very close to home last actober when my grandmother past away from breast cancer. She was a mother to me, i lived under her care until the age of 7. Its a very scary thing to go thru, but the scarier thing is that it can be treated if detected early on but women just refuse to check for tumor and go to the doctors have regular exams. I urge all young girls that have ANY kind of cancer in thier family to get checked and get checked often, its better to have a few unpleasent moments at the doctor's officer rather then go thru years of suffering...

On the mod:

the mod seems really cool and nice seems like she has the site very "together"

On any other member: * Can be waived until there are a good # of members to choose from*

From what i've seen every one seems pretty nice...

Rating Communities:

- i think its kinda fun, just to see different people and different opinions... ------------------------------------------



Post at least 3 GOOD pictures of yourself. Body shots are not required, but clothes on your body are. If you are n

ot the only one in the picture, let us know which one you are. We aren't mind readers....


Promotion: Show me 3 (or more) links of promotion to 2 journals and 1 community (at least, remember promotion shows activity)


Last words:

Why should I accept you?---- I'm a fun person and i tend to get along with mostly everyone

What do you have to offer us?--- sarcasm and lots of humor

(This has no effect on acceptance) Do you have any suggestions for the mods/members to improve the community? maybe a diff layout for the page... something tricker---

(No effect, as well) If accepted, are you graphically gifted enough to help make banners and layouts?-- no but i have a few friends that might help out


You've reached the end! Good Luck!

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