goddess of imaginary light (hoozdababee) wrote in toxic__beauties,
goddess of imaginary light

with a taste of your poison paradise...

...Boring Stuff...

1. Name--Shar

2. Age--23

3. Location--CA

4. Grade--College Junior

5. Sex--Female

6. Single/Taken?( Pics if you have them)--taken, married for almost 2 years

7. College you are/planning to attend? Major?--i am already attending college, University of California Riverside, my major is psychology


Favorites-- (3-5)

Movies--Oceans 11, The Grudge, Pretty in Pink, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Hours, The Bourne Identity and Supremacy, Rear Window, The Thin Man, lots and lots more

Bands/Artists--Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Evanescence, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Katy Rose, Brooke Valentine, Kelly Clarkson, Dido, lots more

TV Shows--The OC, Lost, I Love Lucy

Books--Anything Agatha Christie, Dean Koontz, or Erle Stanley Gardner

Foods--corn dogs, pizza, chicken wraps from Applebees or Dave and Busters

Places to shop--Forever 21, Hollister

Colors--Pink, Red, Black

Animals--dogs and guinea pics

Guilty Pleasures--chocolate!

Feature of yourself (physical)--eyes

Feature of the opposite sex (physical)--teeth

Feature of yourself (anything else)--lips

Feature of opposite sex (anything else)--hands




Give me your opinion on any issue that matters to you today. Know that if you pick one that is tired and overused, you will probably have to have a damn good response in order for people to even read it. This section is to prove that you have a brain... so don't prove me wrong!-the only opinion i have about issues today (that i am strongly passionate about) is abortion. i am totally FOR abortion. it is a woman's right to choose to or not to have a child. whether she made the choice to have sex or not is beside the point. if she chose to have sex and is not ready for a child, i think it is better for her to have an abortion than to try to give it up for adoption (which she may not follow through on for financial reasons) or keep it and mistreat it. girls always say they would NEVER have an abortion under ANY circumstances, but i know from personal experience that your entire outlook changes once faced with the challenge of having a child before you are ready.

On the mod: i kinda know you from effin sexxxy and you seem nice...so i thought i would join your community and get to know you more

On any other member: * Can be waived until there are a good # of members to choose from*

Rating Communities: great fun!



Post at least 3 GOOD pictures of yourself. Body shots are not required, but clothes on your body are. If you are not the only one in the picture, let us know which one you are. We aren't mind readers....Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Promotion: Show me 3 (or more) links of promotion to 2 journals and 1 community (at least, remember promotion shows activity)umm i heard that we weren't supposed to promote and you aren't supposed to ask people to promote...and i don't want to get in trouble but i will put a banner on my user info for sure! :)


Last words: you seem like a really nice girl, very outgoing and gorgeous! i think its great you started your own community. if you need another mod, let me know i am very active and would be happy to help! i have lots of great ideas!

Why should I accept you?----because i am active, i'm a nice person, smart, pretty, and sensitive to other people

What do you have to offer us?---TONS of things!

(This has no effect on acceptance) Do you have any suggestions for the mods/members to improve the community?---lets get some more members! we can promote in communities just for promoting, i think, and get some more memebrs that way!

(No effect, as well) If accepted, are you graphically gifted enough to help make banners and layouts?--yes indeed!


You've reached the end! Good Luck!

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