♥♪♥BlondeAmbition♥♪♥ (alwaysablonde05) wrote in toxic__beauties,


Hey hey, I'm just posting to say that I just got a letter in the mail that said that I was awarded with the Morril Scholarship for Ohio State University. I was awarded on the Excellence level, making my award amount equivilant to full in-state tuition. OSU is giving me $7500 a year, as long as I can maintain a 2.5 gpa (which is nothing for me). $32,000 of my nearly $40,000 tuition is now taken care of. I'm also eligible for FAFSA loans and govt. aid. I also applied for $10,000 worth of local scholarships and then a $3,000 a year nursing loan.

I'm SO freakin excited now, b/c I was convinced that I wouldn't be able to go to college this year b/c my family wasn't gonna be able to pay for it and now I'm going AND I'm going to my first choice!! Yay for me!
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