Love Is Like Novacaine... (xo_browneyedgrl) wrote in toxic__beauties,
Love Is Like Novacaine...

...Boring Stuff...

1. Name--

Kayla Michele

2. Age--


3. Location--


4. Grade--


5. Sex--


6. Single/Taken?( Pics if you have them)--

Somewhat taken, and I dont have a picture of him yet, sorry! I'll prolly get some this weekend though

7. College you are/planning to attend? Major?--

I plan on going to West Virginia or Maryland, and I am majoring in education!


Favorites-- (3-5)


10 Things I Hate About You, The Notebook, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Girl Next Door


Senses Fail, One Step Detour (local band) Broken Pilot (also a local band, they are both awesome)

TV Shows--

The OC, Point Pleasant... and those are the only 2 I watch!


A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, A Child Called It


Cereal, Cheesecake, and Taco Bell's cheese quesadillas

Places to shop--

Hollister, Charlotte Russe, and Gadzooks


Hot Pink, Black, and Red


Flamingos, Penguins, and my gecko

Guilty Pleasures--

Feature of yourself (physical)--

My eyes and my hair are what I get the most compliments on I think

Feature of the opposite sex (physical)--

Eyes and build

Feature of yourself (anything else)--

I'm a good listener, and have been told I give good advice

Feature of opposite sex (anything else)--

Personality all together... they have to be funny, but know when to be serious




Give me your opinion on any issue that matters to you today. Know that if you pick one that is tired and overused, you will probably have to have a damn good response in order for people to even read it. This section is to prove that you have a brain... so don't prove me wrong!

OH Boy... I feel very strongly about Abortion. (Yea, I know, common topic) I don't think its right to kill an innocent child, when it has absolutely no means of defense. The minute the sperm and the egg join, it is a living cell. I consider abortion murder. The only way I would ever consider it being ok, is if the person were raped. There are many great people in the world who are willing to adopt to stop people from killing their unborn children.

On the mod:

She's great! She's in my community, and I adore her! Shes also beautiful ♥

On any other member: * Can be waived until there are a good # of members to choose from*

I haven't read the member's app yet, but I'm sure shes wonderful

Rating Communities:

I think they are great, they give me something to do every once in a while!



Post at least 3 GOOD pictures of yourself. Body shots are not required, but clothes on your body are. If you are not the only one in the picture, let us know which one you are. We aren't mind readers....

Image hosted by
My little sister and I... Obviously I'm the one on the left haha

Image hosted by
Walking on Virginia Beach

Image hosted by
My Dad and I

Image hosted by
My Best Friend and I (I'm on the right)


Promotion: Show me 3 (or more) links of promotion to 2 journals and 1 community (at least, remember promotion shows activity)



Last words:

Why should I accept you?----

Because you know you love me ♥

What do you have to offer us?---

I can make banners, and I'm in a ton of communities, so I can promote to a bunch of places!

(This has no effect on acceptance) Do you have any suggestions for the mods/members to improve the community?---

It looks like you have a good handle on things so far, just waiting for it to take off!

(No effect, as well) If accepted, are you graphically gifted enough to help make banners and layouts?--



You've reached the end! Good Luck!

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